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Off the Beaten Track 2022


Off the Beaten Track is a two-day celebration of original music and the spoken word. It’s a festival for all ages, with nature events for the young (and young at heart), genre-spanning music from the best contemporary, alternative and traditional artists, stalls offering the finest local food, ale and cider, and the opportunity to pitch a tent under the summer stars in the depths of Rudry’s woodland home.


Off the Beaten Track is a not-for-profit festival, run entirely by volunteers. All profit is split between local community projects and our charity partner, SANE. SANE is a leading UK mental health charity working to improve the quality of life of anyone affected by mental illness and our on-going partnership with this wonderful organisation is very important to us. Tragically the old black dog has left his mark on our festival more than once but we hope, through the Festival’s fundraising activities, that we can do something to help others keep his snapping jaws at bay.


Following our last on-field festival (pre-COVID) we were able to donate a whopping £1,000 to SANE thanks to all our lovely festival goers and we hope to be able to match or exceed this at OTBT 2022!


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A flavour of OTBT 2018...

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